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West End, Queensland.


Loft is the transformation of the former nightclub Uber. Utilising an unaltered floor plate but ditching the red for green and the metal for timber, the renovations brought a massive change to not only the space but the social hub that is West End.

Wanting to provide the locals with a slightly classier place to go than the current neighbours, the client requested that Loft exude a ‘casual elegance’.

The lounge bar area celebrates Queensland’s relaxed summer vibe with a homey space awash with warmth and a comfortable familiarity. Huge glass bi-fold doors open out onto a roof terrace full of greenery and a mix of patio furniture - a great place to drink the afternoon away while overlooking the bustling Boundary Street.

Adjacent to the lounge is the versatile function room. Designed for private parties and sit down dining, the approach for this 140 person space was slightly more refined. Key elements from the bar design and general finishes bleed into the room with the addition of detailed French wallpaper, Victorian-style pendant lights and French bistro dining settings to achieve a more formal feel. 

The combination and considered placement of all the elements work to evoke a sense of domesticity but also a hint of grungy, industrial sophistication. This welcoming atmosphere saw Loft go on to win the award for Best Themed Bar at the 2013 QHA Awards for Excellence.

Whilst working for Brand and Slater Architects,
with Kim Burns as lead designer.
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