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West End, Queensland.


The second venture for Brisbane Brewing Co involved moving their suburban brewery to an old warehouse in the inner city suburb of West End and pairing it with a welcoming place to drink.


With a big emphasis on locally made brews, the end result was to be not only a bar, but a place where the patrons can see the hands-on process of their drinks being made in the room right next door.


The existing building was repaired and brought back to its former glory with the addition of special finishes and light fittings to allow for high pressure hosing. Dark, locally made brick walls form the new section of the building and house the kitchen, dining and restrooms. The full height counterweight door merges the inside and outside and pays homage to the garage that once occupied the block.


The clients wanted somewhere raw and unpretentious where people can relax and feel at home. The full length of the driveway is filled with furniture to maximize capacity and tap into the popular alley-way culture. Beer tastings, home-style food, rotating work by local artists and live acoustic music are all part of the vision. 

Head to the Before & After gallery on the Projects page of our website for some before pics!

Whilst working for Brand and Slater Architects, with Kim Burns as lead designer.
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